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The proud off-Shoot of St. John Sangam Trust – Thanthai Roever Matriculation School, Roever Campus, New M.G.Puram, Perambalur. 621212, was established in1995. The School is recognized and affiliated by the State Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu. The School has classes from LKG to X. It has 1500 students and 110 teaching and non-teaching staff. It stands as testimony to the sheer and firm faith in God, Hard work, Sincerity and perseverance to obtain an education. It has grown in all spheres of educational endeavours and also stands as a prominent landmark in the educational map of Tamil Nadu. The School has completed 24 academic years successfully and organizes various programs involving academic, cultural, sports and community-based activities every year. We extend our grateful thanks to the Lord Almighty for enabling us to achieve our goal and objectives. We convey our gratitude to the innumerable hearts that supports and encourages us in all the times.

Vision & Mission

Students are the live wires and hence the School gives opportunities to channelize their energy and guides them in the right direction. We make learning much more interactive at all levels right from kindergarten. Our education system sets a high standard of learning and constantly taking efforts to improve the students in their learning process. We emphasize students to apply their knowledge creatively, imaginatively through motor ability. We encourage the students to gain multiple abilities to combat the rapid changes of today’s world.

Targeting Today’s and Tomorrow’s Super Stars

Principal's Desk

We believe in a joyful experimental learning system wherein, each child is encouraged to Participate wholeheartedly! At TRMS, we leave no stones unturned to offer multitudes of opportunities to our children. Education is an ongoing process which begins at home. It is an all-round matter to form the child to mould himself/herself in every aspect of his/her personality. Considering the welfare of today’s citizen’s future and the upbuilding of the enriched society, education has modernized in our school. The school-level education is a long term where the child’s mind and intellectual power is formed and developed. The guidance given by the teachers, the interest of the students and support of the parents mould the future of the students. To have an all-round personality, students need to take part in extracurricular activities, which help them to develop their talents.
During the scholastic year, children are at school or with school dealings more than with the parents and house matters. So, the self-giving service, guidance and the dedication of our teachers make them mould themselves as the better persons in the society. It also helps them to come out from all their ill feelings to awaken themselves to new ideas and views on various levels of their students’ career. We have a team of fabulous faculty members who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the ethos of our school shining brightly.



M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

A hope to achieve the ultimate goal truly involves the combination of vision, commitment and challenge. I am sure that the architects of Thanthai Roever Matric School, Perambalur help the young minds with true love and, kindness towards a fellow human being.
We, the faculty of TRMS keep alive child’s inborn sense of wonder. We too arouse their curiosity to discover the mystery of the world we live in!”
At TRMS, We enjoy this journey of teaching and learning with our children, reliving and rediscovering the magic of learning!